Aww schucks I missed the chance to make all the 420 jokes. But thats OK. Still trying to be motivated, slowing down as always but not lost just yet. Someone at work took two weeks off and guess who gets screwed? Yeah me. The only reason I’m not working like 16 twelve hour shifts in a row is because there would be double-time pay involved. So they gave me a couple days off to prevent that. NOT because I would be tired as fuck and need and deserve a break working that much, of course not. Money first! Sigh. This is only day one and the thought of the next bit of work is making me exhausted. At least I always have a supervisor that doesn’t care about anything and I wear my headphones all night to help prevent the mental anguish that is my job. I have mentioned podcasts before but lately I went on a binge and started listening to 3 more podcasts about Dungeons and Dragons, for a total of 5. Hours and hours of gameplay to listen to helps take the edge off me slipping toward insanity while at work, so that’s great! Wish me luck as I attempt to power through the next two weeks.


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