Aww schucks I missed the chance to make all the 420 jokes. But thats OK. Still trying to be motivated, slowing down as always but not lost just yet. Someone at work took two weeks off and guess who gets screwed? Yeah me. The only reason I’m not working like 16 twelve hour shifts in a row is because there would be double-time pay involved. So they gave me a couple days off to prevent that. NOT because I would be tired as fuck and need and deserve a break working that much, of course not. Money first! Sigh. This is only day one and the thought of the next bit of work is making me exhausted. At least I always have a supervisor that doesn’t care about anything and I wear my headphones all night to help prevent the mental anguish that is my job. I have mentioned podcasts before but lately I went on a binge and started listening to 3 more podcasts about Dungeons and Dragons, for a total of 5. Hours and hours of gameplay to listen to helps take the edge off me slipping toward insanity while at work, so that’s great! Wish me luck as I attempt to power through the next two weeks.


Just writing about what I have had on the mind just recently. This is more of a thought exercise (I know exercise is spelled correctly, but I always have trouble with it. And I made it to the county spelling bee in 6th grade. What happened?) for myself rather than any real post about anything coherent, entertaining, or informative or…anything. Maybe it could be, but that is not necessarily the case.  Firstly, I’ve been thinking about the TV show The Big Bang Theory. It needs to be over. I have watched every episode up until now, and even I know that the series has run its course. I am just staying with it out of…not loyalty per se, more like a habit. I hope this is the last season ao I can be free!!! I don’t care how popular the demographics say it is, I definitely feel that it has become a dead horse and that it has sold out. I know that sounds very hipster,  but I feel it in my heart that the show is no longer a (semi) inspired comedy, but rather a corporate moneygrab just because it is popular. But that’s just me. Secondly, been thinking about things that (seem) like they might have more of an effect on ones’ life, and that would be religion. (Or for me, lack thereof. G is a hardcore atheist, she is even an antithiest specifically. I am never going to cross the fence to be completely antitheist I don’t think, because it’s mostly the idea that there definitely could be a higher power. I highly doubt it and dont believe in any supernatural origin stories at all, but it is possible theres something out there. Just unlikely in my opinion.

Mobile games

…can be fun. Addicting, even. Casual comes to mind as well, although there are some mobile games that definitely can be hardcore as fuck. This post, though, is about a personal problem I have with many mobile (and lately not mobile) games. But the most recent example is when I downloaded and tried to play Super Mario Run. I loved the Mario spin on the runner genre. There were some cool things you could do like vault and double jump and wall jump, all by tapping. It was GREAT. But then I HATED it. You have to have a user name and be online all the time so you can share and compare your scores and style and progress with your friends and the world. No. I just wanted to do an endless (or maybe not even endless, the game is divided up into worlds a la the original Mario games) runner, but with Mario and all the characters I know and love. But now I have to have this “community” bullshit imposed upon me. I dont care about my scores and stats except on a personal basis, and I dont want to compete with other people. I just want to waste a half hour lunch at work without any hassle. I thought I would put up with it, because that’s apparently what we do. But then I discovered the whole game isnt even accessible for free. The first three levels. Then you pay. I’d much rather have ads and have the whole basic game accessible than be like “nope. Now you pay”. That was bullshit and I uninstalled it.

good day two

Went on another hike, a bit further out of town and a lot longer and hillish and such with G. It was beautiful outside, and finally being able to be outside and not cramped indoors because of winter and such was so nice. There was a waterfall there and it was really a good time. The trip there was good, and the trip back, we had great conversation and just laughed and stuff and it was just…great. Taking a short nap now, but going to go out to dinner with Grandma for Gs birthday which is in a week, but this is the only time we are available. It will be kinda…interesting because grandma is very…overwhelming at times, but I love G so much for being a good sport and putting up with my family. Then we will come home and not deal with anyone else the rest of the night 🙂

Good day

Went on a short hike with G today, then had lunch at Chipotle. After that we played DnD with J and R and then we all went to a park and walked and since R considers herself a photographer, she had her camera and she took some coupley photos of me and G. We did some where it was our shadows on this brick wall while the sun was setting, those were fun, but also a bunch more. Then we came back to my place and played EXTREME Life and drank screwdrivers. Just about to go to bed, but wanted to keep up with writing and exercising, which I did, today is day 6 in a row! Good day.

Need stimulation

My job is so boring. Its actually pretty challenging, and you have to know stuff, and it keeps you busy, but it is mentally exhausting in the fact that it is boring as hell. I am glad its in a loud factory setting so I can talk to myself while I do things. It helps take away the mental anguish caused by lack of stimulation and probably on my part, lack of interest. Of course, I can talk to a couple coworkers as well, I’m just weird though. There are a few that are cool and definitely and we are friends and hang out outside of work occasionally, but then there are a few who i just want to stab in the eye with a fork for wasting our precious oxygen. So its a toss up. Started playing video games again, think that helps my brain whilst I’m at home, not at work, so thats cool. Started to put TV shows on my phone and watch them on my lunches, that helps a bit, and has helped me catch up on a lot of stuff, so that’s cool. But sometimes evwn that feels hard and non stimulatory. Fuck.